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Working To Wipe Out Hunger - Together!

  • Our challenge has been to keep up with the strong surge in demand, raising food prices, and reduced availability due to supply chain constraints.
  • Adding in our mobile outreaches and food by appointment (6 days a week), we serve an average of 1,200 households each week.

Our Volunteers gather, store and redistribute over 29,000 lbs. of food each and every week.

All of this is only possible with Your support - every dollar counts. Your giving will have an immediate impact on families struggling with hunger, and there are so many who need us. We don't think anyone should have to make compromises with food, while worrying about how to make ends meet.

We are an All Volunteer-run 501(C)3 organization so 100% of every donated dollar goes directly towards meeting the needs in our community.

Our Daily Bread Food Pantry is dependent on your financial donations each and every week. Your contributions not only buy foods but also essential items everyone needs such as toilet paper, cooking oil and more. These items are not available from food assistance organizations.

With your financial support, we truly are Working Together to Wipe Out Hunger!